Monday, November 29, 2010


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The kids are tucked in and sleeping peacefully, the dishwasher hums and there it is...Quiet.  

In this house, the news is turned on, feet are put up, laptops are opened and relaxation takes form. As the night goes, we watch the clock, knowing that we should really head to bed...but we don't. The peace, adult time, it’s just too enjoyable to bring to an end. 

We then decide that it is time..."lets head to bed". We climb into the warm sheets and start to chat, chat, chat...we should really go to sleep, but it’s precious time. Uninterrupted time. Time to catch up, to discuss opinions, change opinions, pray for others. But we should sleep. We NEED to sleep. 

We give in, turn off the lights, glance at the clock and realize, we will sleep...but not for long. 

Tell me. Do you have a hard time getting to bed on time? What do you do when the house is still and quiet?


  1. Sounds veeeerrryyy familiar. Tim and I tend to work on our laptops in the evenings after the girls are asleep. Then, we talk. And...we almost always end up going to bed way too late. ;)

  2. @Stephanie

    Nature of the beast I guess. Oh well, we will sleep one day!