Monday, December 6, 2010

Mama's Opinion: Anglecare Movement and Sound Monitor

Bringing a new baby home from the hospital is stressful. For me, sleep was hard.  I was concerned.  I would check on my baby a million times over, just to make sure she was breathing.  She was sleeping peacefully, so why couldn't I?  I tried having her in our bed, but then I was concerned about rolling on her and still I could not sleep. 

I was a confident new mother, but when it came to her sleep I was a wreck.  I read enough about SIDS to know that it was serious and real.

I then got my hands on the Anglecare Movement and Sound Monitor.  It was the first night of peaceful sleep I had had since I left the hospital.  It saved my life as a mother and allowed me to rest.

Slip the Sensor Pad under the mattress and it observes your baby's breathing for you.  If 20 seconds pass without your baby moving an alarm will sound.  We did have a few false alarms that made me jump out of my skin, but once we had the sensitivity set right it was perfect.

The monitor can be purchased with a number of different configurations.  Our monitor came with the Sensor Pad, Nursery Unit and Parent’s Unit. I did try to use the Parent’s Unit a number of times but found that there was quite a bit of static and interference. Since I purchased my monitor, Angelcare has expanded their product line and updated a few features.  They now have a movement only option allowing for the use of a better sound monitor if necessary.

I highly recommend this product to any mama with a new baby!

*I was not compensated for this opinion in any way.  I just love this product so much I wanted to tell you about it.

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  1. OMG. I am so with you on this one. Don't even know if it would "save" Peyton from SIDS, but it bought me peace of mind and that was enough for me. It was totally a product that helped w/ my insomnia as I was so scared of SIDS!!! Love it too!