Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Date Day

Little Girl had been showing signs of needing some extra special one-on-one mommy time.  Excitement built as I told her that I had a very special treat for her on Thursday.  I had been hearing that the new movie Tangled was a hit and wonderful for little kids.  I was excited to take her.  Just watching a little one experience something for the first time is captivating.  I love taking her to do new things.  Seeing a movie in a theater is still new to her and this would be just her second time.   

Little Girl was eagerly waiting for me as I drove up to get her from preschool.  We headed downtown to have lunch and walk to the theater.  Luckily, we were the only ones there and it was great to have the theater all to ourselves so we could chat away during the movie!  I was impressed by how much she recalled from Rapunzel and we were able to talk about the "good" and "bad" things going on in the movie.

As the credits started to roll, the music started rockin, it was time to dance.  Running down to the front of the theater we spun, swayed and shook it.  We danced 'till the music stopped and then danced some more.  Ah, memories in the making.   Bliss.

The passion I have for this little life, the love is so deep, strong, pure. Watching her grow, develop and experience some of the "perks" life has to offer...oh, I will cherish this time forever!


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