Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bouncing Back

With the holidays and an abundance of extended family doting on our kids we find that obedience falls by the wayside. Temper's come out, disobedience occurs and backtalk is rampant. It is hard to be consistent away from home. When the kids are tired, when we are exhausted and when laziness creeps in, discipline takes a back seat.

 But I feel conviction. This is my job, a main priority, my focus.  I cannot allow myself to become lazy. While it is so easy to get distracted, it is so hard to get the kids back on track. And I need to be an example. One of consistency, love, patience and peace. Harmony in this house is priceless and discord, well discord sucks.

So I will start again, anew, afresh.  Things will bounce back, become more regular and peaceful once again.


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