Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mama's Opinion: Chicco KeyFit Infant Carseat

We are an active, on-the-go family and the Chicco KeyFit Infant Carrier was perfect for us!

This car seat is sturdy, durable, and strong; yet, still light, easy to carry and very easy to use.  Safety ratings are a very important factor when our family considers a car seat and the KeyFit ranks number one in Consumer Reports testing and reviews.

It appears to be very comfortable for infants and babies alike.  The car seat comes with removable infant inserts to hold even the smallest of babies.  Both of our children enjoyed this seat until their first year (well almost for Little Guy) and spent many hours sleeping away while we were traveling, dining, shopping, folding laundry...  There were many times that we brought our sleeping baby from the car to the house or restaurant and they would happily continue their nap.  

The KeyFit base is very easy to use and incredibly secure. The LATCH connectors are built like a car seat buckle so that attachment and removal is easy. Securing the base into the car with the LATCH is quite simple with their one handed "center-pull". If your car does not have LATCH the KeyFit base provides built-in belt lock-offs that are easy to use and very convenient. We have used both the LATCH and belt lock-offs with this base and felt that the car seat was equally secure with both. The leveling markers on both sides show if the base is installed correctly so there is no guess work when installing. The car seat itself snaps easily into it's base and is easily removed with a one hand release.  After installing a Graco SnugRide we were very impressed by the many features the Chicco KeyFit had to offer, making it much easier to get a secure attachment to the car.

For our family we thought that Chicco could really work a bit harder on creating a better, more effective sun shade to protect the little one from direct sunlight.  Also, the KeyFit does not snap or fit onto any part of the front pull-out section of most shopping carts.  However, after reading many reviews about dangers of putting car seat carriers onto the top of shopping carts we chose to put the car seat directly into the basket while shopping. Unfortunately, this does take up most shopping space requiring mom to get a bit creative.

Overall we were so happy with this carrier! And we believe it is a wonderful choice for your new little one!


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