Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Lenses

My mind has been full lately.  
Full to the brim.  
Work, kids, husband and family stuff.  
We have been exploring new ventures over here. 
Much energy has been consumed.
  The energy that is generally aimed at keeping a home. 
Dinners have been left undone, laundry has been left in baskets and toys have been left scattered.
But we are doing life.  
Doing it the way we feel it should be done. 
And I looked around and said, "Hey, if a misplaced toy here, or a chicken nugget there, that means were doing life, then that's the way it's going to be." 

And to me,
Focus comes when you bond through tough, busy times.  
You realize that you miss family dinners, cleaned homes and peace.
  So then peace comes, because you crave it.
You want it, you need it.

We are finally slowing down here.
I can feel the beat of the drum.
Slowly the rhythm is coming back.
We needed the crazy, to refocus.
So now we sit with new spectacles on life.
Soaking in the moments we shared and the new moments we will create.


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